By Anna Pfoertner, 4th Year, BSc (Hons) Marine Science, SAMS UHI

Being a student ambassador can be an incredible personal journey.  As well as looking good on my CV and earning me some money, the scheme opened a new career path for me – science communication. I never considered this path before but this is now something I am interested in pursuing because of how much I have enjoyed sharing my passion for the ocean and my belief that it is crucial to engage people with conservation issues.

The student ambassador scheme offers an environment in which you can develop your confidence and communication skills without pressure but plenty of encouragement.

I started off being very shy, so I began my ambassador journey writing articles for the SAMS student blog. The blog aims to give prospective students an honest insight into studying marine science at SAMS with articles written by students themselves. This can be anything from career advice to what you learn in first year and what life in Oban is like for students.  

Over time, I started to attend some of the open days. I found that I enjoyed talking to prospective students about studying at SAMS, inspiring them to choose marine science as a career path whilst raising awareness of the important role science plays in the future of our oceans.

Going into my second year as student ambassador I am now looking forward to helping with open days, careers fairs and any other recruitment events, things that would have had me running for the hills only two years ago!

I have also attended meetings with UHI representatives which has given me the chance to speak out and contribute suggestions on maintaining the quality of student life at SAMS.

The confidence and skills I have gained have also allowed me to take up opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have explored, like becoming a trustee for a new marine youth organisation.

Being a student ambassador has been more than just a job to me and I can only recommend it to anybody. It has made a real difference to my personal and professional development.

Student ambassador Anna is joined by two SAMS staff members who were also former undergrads at Oban High School career fair.
Anna far left with friends on campus at SAMS UHI.

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